Automate email campaigns to increase productivity

Recruiters each have specific processes as soon as we get a job order. After doing a req qualification and kickoff, we hit the database and build a list for sourcing. If we don’t have enough of a signal in our own database, we scour the earth (aka LinkedIn) for enough of a sourcing list to feel confident there’s a hire in there somewhere. After the list is built, you craft messaging you hope is on-brand with the client for which you’re recruiting. Once the messaging is completed and you’re able to find all the emails/contact information, you’re ready to send out your initial reach-outs. Often times we feel really good after we hit send on those initial 25 candidate emails only to feel hopeless after 4 people responded and only one is kind of interested in chatting. “My message was good” “They are PERFECT for this role!” “Back to the drawing board” are all things I’ve muttered after my initial batch yielded nothing. 

At the end of the day, recruiters are only as good as their pipelines. How can we reach more candidates in a programmatic way? By automating email outreach of course! At Khonvo, conversions (khonversions?) are the most important data point we track. This is to ensure we are spending the right time on the right activities. If you’re understanding what subject lines and messaging are garnering more opens and responses, you’ll know how likely you are to make a placement. We built our email campaign automation tool so others can start to gain insights and be more data driven in their approach to recruitment. 

The next post will revolve around the importance of open rates….

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