From initial email to call -> automate what you can.

One thing that separates wildly profitable recruiters from decent recruiters is their ability to make the most out of every minute they are ‘on the desk’. There are many points in the day where recruiters can still get bogged down with manual work. It may come in the form of hopping on check-in calls, transcribing notes, updating the ATS, and a laundry list of other things that take time away from client/candidate development. 

The beauty of recruiting in 2019 is that there are a litany of tools (many free!) to ensure you’re not wasting time on things like scheduling. I’ve personally tested out Doodle / Calendly / Meetingbird and decided that Calendly’s super lightweight ease of use was perfect for what I needed. Testing out campaigns where you enter the scheduling link in the initial message to the candidate vs. only when they respond was an eye opening experience. My assumption was that no one would want to immediately schedule a call off a cold email/Inmail, but boy was I ever wrong.

By reducing friction to a conversation, you are fundamentally improving your likelihood of a successful placement. And that my friends, is what we’re here for!

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