When to kill a requisition

Archit, my cofounder, and I often discuss how to create efficiencies throughout Khonvo. Most notably on the operationally intensive aspects: sourcing / screening / scheduling / checking-in / etc. One of the hardest decisions we have to make, is when to kill a req. At Khonvo we define recruiter risk as a function of time. If a recruiter is working on a req that isn’t moving for one reason or another, this means they are spending time away from a profitable req. 

So how soon can you tell when a search is going to be a dead end or not? It’s not going to be obvious initially but after a while, you can start to see patterns. At Khonvo, we make it a point to “show our work” meaning we will detail out our metrics associated with each search for each client. As we share messaging and metrics, often times the client recommends a couple changes and we test it again. Sometimes the client may change the job order to generate more candidate flow. If after a couple more campaigns, we’re not seeing the conversion we expect, we kill the req. As the old adage goes: insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. 

Now of course you run the risk of pissing off a client by effectively telling them you aren’t going to work on their reqs, but it is far better to be upfront and say “hey, here’s the data, unfortunately we aren’t going to actively prioritize this search” than it is to slowly wither away and disappear into the staffing quagmire. The latter tarnishes your reputation whereas the former allows you to still submit candidates who you believe may be a fit should you come across them in another search. 

TL;DR ->  Spend your time on profitable reqs.

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